RED Burner Review: Is This Fat Burner A Scam?

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Red Burner is part of the new Red Supplements line.

Their moto is “Supplements that actually work!”. Well, finding supplements that work is exactly what this site is about so I had to give them a try.

At this point, I’m generally quite sceptical of supplement companies.

Many of them have been caught selling products that simply don’t work. Even worse, it was discovered that some of the products contain “banned substances” (also known as steroids).

At first glance you might think Red Supplements is another one of these supplement companies that rips people off.

I can’t blame you for thinking that. In fact, I would have thought the same except for one small detail…

The owners – Chris Deoudes and Victor Pride – are both guys I fully trust.

They’ve built up large blogs over the years by helping their readers. Selling crappy products doesn’t make any sense for them because they would instantly lose all their credibility.

They are financially set for life so they don’t need to make a huge profit by scamming people either.

For those reasons, I put my trust in Red Supplements and used Red Burner to help me diet for this summer.

I’m very happy that I made that decision.

In fact, I liked their products so much that I wanted to tell others about them.

That’s why I started this site. When I finally found supplements that get results, I felt an obligation to share my discovery with you.

Red Burner Is The Best Fat Burner I’ve Used

It’s as simple as that.

Looking at the formula, it makes sense that this supplement would boost your metabolism.

Caffeine anhydrous, β-phenylethylamine and 3,5-diiodo-L-thyronine are substances that should boost your metabolism and promote fat loss.

Let’s be honest for a minute…

I have no clue what those ingredients are or what they do. You probably don’t either and that’s ok (If you do, leave a comment!).

Like I say, I’m not a scientist by any means. But as far as I can tell, studies support the claims made by Red Supplements.

More importantly, anecdotal evidence shows how effective Red Burner is.

Real people like you and me are using it to get shredded for the beach.

Sure, no supplement will ever make you lose weight if you eat crap all day and don’t exercise.

But you already know that.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have realistic expectations. If you start using Red Burner with unrealistic expectations, you’ll simply end up disappointed.

And the sad thing is, you’ll stop using Red Burner and miss out on the very real benefits it offers.

So keep this in mind when you try Red Burner (or any other supplement) for the first time.

Using a fat burner doesn’t allow you to be lazy. But it does give you a slight edge over your competition.

Not only does it give you a competitive advantage against other guys at the gym, but it also helps you get into the best shape of your life.

red burner

How to Use Red Burner to Break Through Plateaus

Let’s face it. Everyone hits plateaus from time to time.

I always struggled to get below 10% body fat.

I would diet for about 6 weeks and everything goes well. And then, my progress would suddenly stop.

Whatever I did, I simply couldn’t get below that body fat level.

I know, fat loss is all about calories. But at some point, eating less just isn’t bearable anymore.

Does this situation sound familiar?

If it does, you’ll be glad to hear that – with the help of Red Burner – I’ve managed to get into the best shape of my life.

Plateaus are a very common problem.

It’s happened to me on multiple occasions and I’ve witnessed the same pattern in friends and training partners.

This begs the question…

Will Red Burner work for you too?

Well, I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t.

The formula hasn’t changed and your body will react similarly to mine.

I do have an important thing I’d like to mention about Fat Burners…

If you can lose fat without them, don’t start supplementing yet.

Dropping the first 10 lbs of weight (water + fat weight) is fairly easy. The real challenge comes later…

You’ll eventually hit the plateau I talked about earlier. That’s when you should add a powerful fat burner to your daily routine.

Otherwise, you’ll simply get used to it and the effect won’t be as good.

At least that has been my experience with other fat burners in the past. I assume, Red Burner will be about the same.

Red Burner Can Also Be Used As A Pre-Workout

This is a very cool benefit of Red Burner compared to similar products.

On the Red Supplements webpage, they claim you can also use this fat burner as a pre-workout.

I’m here to tell you…that’s absolutely true and it works surprisingly well.

red burner reviewThe only difference is, you’ll need a higher dose if you want to use it as a pre-workout.

I was slightly stronger when I used Red Burner pre-workout. The extra energy from (presumably) the caffeine really helped me focus and push through grueling sets.

I can’t promise you’ll get the same results as me. But once you’ve received your order, why not try using Red Burner before one of your workouts.

You’ve got nothing to lose.

If it works, great! You’ve just turned a great fat burner into a 2-in-1 deal.

That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

Recommended Red Burner Dose (From Their Website)

The recommended dose for fat loss is 1 pill per day.

On training days, you should take 2 pills instead and you’ll get the extra energy a pre-workout gives.

It’s no big deal because (unlike some pre-workouts) this won’t make you shiver.

That’s actually my favourite thing about Red Burner…

While using this product, I felt energetic and motivated to train. I also didn’t experience any “crashes” were my energy levels suddenly drop.

Plus there is the simple fact that this supplement really does help you burn fat.

Final Verdict on Red Supplement’s Fat Burner

This supplement is by no means necessary for fat loss.

However considering the complete lack of side-effects I experience, I will continue using it to drop fat.

It’s not terribly expensive so just give it a try and see if you like it.

What’s stopping you from dieting the smart way?

P.S. If you want to take your fat loss to the next level, click here and order Red Burner.


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