April 27, 2016

Osta-Red Review: Is Ostarine Legit?

osta red review

Sadly, Osta-Red is no longer for sale.

You can still grab yourself some other fantastic products from Red Supplements by clicking here.

In this review, I’m going to tell you a little bit about Osta-Red.

Osta-Red was the first big product Red Supplements released. Sure, they sold Red coffee as well but Osta was their main offering.

And let me tell you, they certainly delivered on their promise of “Supplements that actually work!” in this case.

While the safety of Ostarine (the active ingredient in Osta-Red) is still unclear from scientific studies, the anabolic effect are definitely being seen in the real world.

Before you go rushing out to buy Osta-Red, I want to make something very clear:

Osta-Red is not a steroid.

If you are looking for supplements with similar results to anabolic hormones, you’ll always end up disappointed.

Supplements like that don’t exist.

And they never will either.

The reason is quite simple and has nothing to do with supplements actually.

osta red

Let’s think about this for a minute…

Company A discovers a completely safe supplement that works better than steroids. Suddenly, every athlete is going to start using it. As soon as the Anti-Doping-Agencies see this, they will ban the product.

They don’t care if it’s safe. They simply don’t want athletes getting an “unfair advantage” over each other.

What happens when a substance gets banned in sports?

Well, lawmakers generally follow along and ban the supplement too.

That’s why supplements will never give the same results as anabolic drugs. If they did, they would immediately be banned.

So with that background out-of-the-way, let me tell you why Osta-Red will help you build muscle and lose fat, despite not being as effective as steroids.

Ostarine Promotes Muscle Building

Ostarine has been shown to increase both strength and muscle gains.

In that sense, it is quite similar to the effects people want to get from steroids.

However, the way it increases muscle mass seems to be a little different to anabolics.

What Are SARMs And Why Are They So Useful?

SARM stands for “selective androgen receptor modulator”.

They are a relatively new group of supplements that supposedly offer steroid-like results. I believe that comparison is a slight exaggeration but there are definitely some similarities as well as some differences.

SARMs were developed (as were many steroids) to treat patients with certain types of illnesses.

The reason SARMs are well-studied in the medical world, is the promising idea behind them. Because they are “selective” (meaning they don’t bind to liver tissue for example), many of the side-effects that come with testosterone treatment could potentially be avoided.

ostarine by red supplements

Ostarine Side Effects

Osta-Red is selective in the sense that it only binds to muscle and bone tissue. For that reason, the negative side-effects of steroids (hair loss, liver hypertrophy, etc.) are largely avoided.

That’s actually how Ostarine was first discovered. Scientist were trying to find an alternative to anabolic steroids that has fewer side-effects.

Well, I think they succeeded at that.

And it’s not only their patients who can benefit from this discovery. Healthy people like you can now use Osta-Red to get some of the benefits of anabolics without suffering the negative health consequences.

It’s important to note that Ostarine still needs to be studied more. We don’t know enough yet to state anything about the long-term health effects. However at least in the short-term, it seems to be very safe.

As always, if you notice any unwanted side-effects, stop using it immediately. (Use commonsense)

Can SARMs Replace Anabolic Steroids?

They aren’t at a stage yet where SARMs can replace steroids. Who knows what the future holds…

For now, you can get some of the benefits of anabolic hormones while avoiding many of the side-effects.

You could think of SARMs as “steroids light”.

I don’t have any personal experience with steroids so I won’t discuss that here.

I have done my research though and from what I’ve read, SARMs aren’t quite as strong as other substances.

But not everyone wants to use steroids. I know I certainly don’t.

Osta-Red is just far more convenient and doesn’t come with as many side-effects and health risks.

For me, that’s a good enough reason to use Osta-Red.

Osta-Red: Perfect For Recompositioning (Losing Fat + Building Muscle)

Can you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?

That’s probably the most frequently asked question on Bodybuilding forums. The answers are naturally all over the board…

  • “No, it’s not possible.”
  • “Yes, but only with my program and special diet (for $199).”
  • “Only as a newbie.”
  • “It depends.”

The last one is my personal favourite. While the answer doesn’t help anyone, it is technically true.

Not everyone can build muscle and lose fat at the same time. For recomposition to be possible, you need one of three things:

  1. Newbie to lifting
  2. Coming back after injury or a long break
  3. Performance enhancing drugs substances

Obviously, the third is the one I’m going to focus on now.ostarine review

Everyone knows that steroids allow you to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. They do this by improving your nutrient partitioning and some other pathways…

You don’t need to truly understand it but just know it’s the truth.

Well, Ostarine does the same things (but to a lesser extent).

For that reason, you’ll be able to gain muscle while losing body fat. Of course, your diet will need to be in-check for this to work.

You have to be at around maintenance calories over the course of a week.

Throughout the week, you might want to alternate high-calorie and low-calorie days.

Make sure you get a sufficient amount of protein.

And don’t forget to lift weights! With all this talk about supplements it’s easy to forget about the most important aspect of any fitness routine…

Progressing in the weight room.

I could write about that topic for hours. However, this post is a review of Osta-Red and not about how to lift weights properly.

If you’re struggling with the basics (lifting and diet), I recommend checking out this program. I’ve used it in the past (while on Osta-Red) and the results were excellent.

Ostarine Dosage

The recommended dose for Osta-Red is one capsule per day for women.

For men, it’s either 2 or 3 capsules.

In terms of Ostarine content, that puts men between 25 mg and 37.5 mg and women at 12.5mg respectively.

The recommended dose is taken from the Red Supplements website. Stay safe and don’t ever take more than the recommended dosage.

Closing Thoughts on Ostarine Review

Don’t expect any miracles from Osta-Red…

If you eat at McDonald’s every day, your body will display that for the world to see. And it isn’t a pretty sight…

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Millions of people have transformed their body and you can do it too.

Sure, some of them did it faster than others. Not everyone used a smart training program, strict diet and effective supplements.

But why would you want to make your transformation harder for yourself?

Don’t make life hard… when it could be easy.

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Quality is crucial when it comes to supplements so don’t be fooled by cheaper prices. There is a reason some stores are far cheaper than others…They sell low-quality products.


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