November 15, 2016

New World Ronin Review by Victor Pride

Victor Pride has been dropping regular hints on his upcoming book.

Personally, I am very excited for New World Ronin.

Victor has proved time and time again that he only releases high-quality products. That is not only true for his supplement company, but also for his eBooks like 30 Days of Discipline.

All of his blog posts are top-notch. To put it simply, Victor only publishes when he has something important to say.

He’s currently going through the editing process for New World Ronin to make sure he releases an epic book.

When will it come out?

Who knows! Your guess is as good as mine.

However, you can be sure of one thing: You’ll hear about the release within days on

Of course, it will take me a while to read. Books of this magnitude aren’t easy bed-time reading. They require time, focus and dedication.

Once the time comes, I’ll quickly grab a copy and get to reading and eventually, writing a review.

The thing is, I already know my review will be positive. Victor’s products have never left me disappointed so I have high expectations.

You should too. I predit New World Ronin will be a life-changing book for some of you.

Not all for of you, of course. But for the right person at the right time, Victor’s words can make a huge difference.

His blog, Bold & Determined, helped me when I needed it. Victor’s writing has strongly influenced these past 3 years of my life.

If he can help me with 2000-word blog posts, imagine what he can do for you in a full book…

That’s how powerful I expect New World Ronin to be.

Only time can tell whether my prediction is right…

It’s not long now until New World Ronin drops. Stay tuned, friends.


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