September 23, 2016

Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program (PDF) Review

superhero bulking program pdf

The Superhero Bulking Program by Greg O’Gallagher is an advanced routine for guys who want to take their body to the next level.

It isn’t for everyone, but some users are experiencing fantastic progress.

We’ll look at the details of the program a little later. For now, just understand that the Superhero Bulking Program uses various techniques and methods to get advanced lifters to make progress.

If you’ve been stuck at a plateau for a while, this might be just what you need.

Regardless of whether you’re currently running a Kinobody program (for example, Aggressive Fat Loss or Warrior Shredding Program) or not, the Superhero Bulking Program should offer a new stimulus for your muscles.

And as I’m sure you know, stimulating your muscles is exactly what you need to do in order to grow.

Greg O'Gallagher review

Is the Superhero Bulking Program For You?

Superhero Bulking Program (SHB) is an advanced program.

It was not designed for beginners. If you are new to strength training, do not use it.

The same applies to people who have been training for a while, but not taking it seriously.

Just trust me on this. You’ll see far better progress by using a program made for beginners.

It is a common misconception that using advanced programs leads to faster results. In reality, you’ll make slower progress on an advanced routine!

The reason is fairly simple…

Beginners can adapt to new stress (weight training is a stress for your body) quickly. The more advanced you get, the longer it takes your body to build more muscle.

The law of diminishing returns is always in action when it comes to training.

Everyone knows that beginners adapt faster to training. That’s why their programs (at least the good ones) have a focus on adding weight (or reps) regularly.

This is exactly what you need when you’re getting started.

As you progress, however, you’ll find it takes a long time to get stronger. Therefore, advanced training plans aren’t designed to add 50 pounds to your bench press in 2 months.

Advanced Lifters Won’t Get Stronger Every Session

Instead, you’ll do a lot of work with the goal of at least making a little progress.

Advanced programs make you do more work for less results.

Once you get to a certain level, you have no other choice. The Superhero Bulking Program is the perfect option for you in this case.

Until you get to that point in your training career, stick to a routine like the Greek God Program instead.

You’ll make faster progress and soon enough you’ll be ready for Superhero Bulking.

And looking a lot better too!

Now that we’ve established who should use SHB, let’s talk more about this brutally effective workout program.

superhero physique

What You’ll Get When You Buy Kinobody Superhero Bulking

There is a lot of material in this program.

Luckily, Greg and the rest of the Kinobody team do a great job of dividing it up into useful parts.

Superhero Bulking PDF Manual

The main guide is where you’ll learn everything you need to know about Superhero Bulking. It comes as a PDF and you can easily download it to your computer for your convenience.

And you don’t need to worry about losing the file either. You’ll get access to your own private Kinobody dashboard with all the products you’ve bought.

As I’ve recently discovered, this is incredibly convenient if you ever get a new computer.

In this main section, you’ll learn how to structure your training and diet. The main focus is on strength training.

Superhero Bulking Program teaches you a couple of advanced training methods. These allow you to break through plateaus and take your physique to the next level.

These methods include:

  • Specialization phases
  • Reverse Pyramid Training
  • Rest-Pause Training
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • And much, much more!

I don’t want to give away the entire program because that wouldn’t be fair to Greg O’Gallagher. Plus, I’d be doing you, my reader, a disservice too.

Sure, you’d save some money. But your chance of successfully using the program would plummet.

I don’t want to take that risk so I’ll only give you a brief taste of what this program has to offer. If you’re serious about getting the body you’ve always wanted, you’ll spend a little money to learn from a real expert.

kinobody superhero bulking program

Click here to grab the Superhero Bulking Program.

Superhero Bulking Program Bonus Content

The bonuses that come with Superhero Bulking are insane.

Seriously, these aren’t the type of bonuses that nobody bothers to look at. There is a ton of value lying in them.

You’ll be excited to get started using the workout. That’s understandable and I encourage you to use the program right away.

Having said that, when you have time, you should come back and read through the bonus material.

I promise you that you’ll be a happier, more successful person if you do that.

Of course, not every bonus will apply to you. Some of them are related to training; others not at all.

Use the advice that applies to you and ignore the rest.

The bonus content shows you…

  • How to dress in order to attract girls
  • How to drink alcohol while training and dieting
  • How to add cardio sessions to Superhero Bulking Program
  • How to reach your training goals while having a fun social life

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well, it isn’t some unrealistic dream either. You can have your cake and eat it too (at least in some cases).

Becoming an elite athlete requires huge amounts of sacrifice. Developing an amazing body does not.

You just need to do the right things most of the time. Combine that with a good training and nutrition protocol and you have a recipe for success.

Workout Demonstrations

kinobody workout videos

Greg took the time to make two videos showing all the exercises in the program.

You might be tempted to skip these. No matter how advanced you are, you can always improve your form.

Also. I recommend you watch them because it’s important to perform the exercises exactly how he recommends.

Greg knows what he’s talking about and if he tells you to perform an exercise in a certain way, he has a reason for doing so.

The easiest way to mess up any good program is to start changing it.

Believe me, the chances of you improving this program are tiny. The chance of you ruining it by changing things are far bigger.

Just do it as it’s written (or within the variations Greg suggests) and you’ll see results.

The obvious exception is if you’re currently injured. Anything your doctor tells you to do (or avoid) is more important than what Greg, myself or anyone else tells you.

And please, if you feel any pain during or after training, stop what you’re doing and re-evaluate.

Even the best body in the world isn’t worth doing permanent damage to yourself.

Kinobody Facebook Group

Have you got some friends who always seem to make you feel better about yourself?

Hopefully, you do.

A positive social circle is very important for your success and happiness in life. This is especially true when it comes to the gym.

Who do you think is more likely to succeed?

  1. A person who has a group of friends who love exercising, cooking healthy food and spending time outside.
  2. Someone who’s friends are either skinny-fat or overweight and enjoy eating pizza while watching TV.

Obviously, the first guy is far more likely to be in good shape. Whether you like it or not, your friends influence the way you behave.

That doesn’t mean you need to ditch all your current friends. Instead, try to spend some more time with supportive people who share the same goal as you.

Finding these types of groups can be hard (especially if you live in a small town).

Luckily, you can get most of the benefits by joining an online group too. It’s not quite the same as having an offline group, but it’s still a big help on your journey.

I was skeptical at first too…

But having been a part of the Kinobody Facebook group (among others), I now love the concept.

I encourage you to keep an open mind. It’s a free bonus so if you don’t like the group, it isn’t a big deal.

Click here to join the private Kinobody Group.

kinobody superhero bulking pdf

Why I Love the Superhero Bulking Program

The Superhero Bulking Program is simple and very efficient.

You won’t have to spend 10 hours per week at the gym. Instead, you can lift weights for a couple of hours per week and enjoy the rest of your free time.

Superhero Bulking is still a fairly simplistic program which is what makes it so unique.

Sure, there are many minimalist programs for beginners. But once you get to the advanced stage, most experts start throwing a bunch of (more or less useless) exercises at you.

Personally, I prefer keeping my training sessions short and intense. Following the 80/20 rule, I do those exercises that maximize my growth with the least time commitment possible.

Greg adds some advanced training principles into this routine compared to his Greek God Program. These techniques allow advanced lifters to continue making slow, steady progress.

But he doesn’t overdo it with tons of isolation exercises or adding extra training sessions.

I feel like other experts add complicated elements just to make their program “unique”.

The only thing unique about the Superhero Bulking Program is how effective it is for gaining muscle!

superhero bulking program review

Closing Thoughts on My Superhero Bulking Program (PDF) Review

So there you have my review of the Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program.

To summarize, this program is the best minimalist strength training program for advanced lifters. (Well, it’s the best I’ve seen at least.)

If you value your free time outside the gym, this program is perfect for you. It doesn’t require a huge time commitment compared to similar routines.

The principles in the PDF guide are powerful. You’ll finally break through those plateaus you are currently stuck at.

Of course, it isn’t a magic potion. You still need to train hard and pour all your effort into your training sessions.

Guys who take it easy won’t see any results from using this program. But that’s not you, is it?

Chances are if you’re still reading this, you are serious about your training goals.

If you want to take your body to the next level and develop your superhero physique, click on the button below.

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