September 29, 2016

Kinobody Greek God Program PDF Review

greek god program pdf

The Kinobody Greek God Program taught me a lot about proper training. More importantly, my results improved dramatically once I started following the lifting program.

I used to believe a ton of myths that were stopping me from making progress.

Chances are, you believe in some of those same myths.

This course will teach you the truth about gaining muscle. There’s no BS or useless pump exercises in here.

Instead, you’ll get an effective program that will make you grow.

If you’re new to training or haven’t been making progress fast enough, the Greek God Program is for you.

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Greg’s video introduction for new members on the course.

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Why I Love the Greek God Program

This program is unique in a couple of ways.

Greek God Program is effective for natural trainees.

First of all, it is brutally effective for gaining size and strength. You’d think that’s the case for every training program, but unfortunately it isn’t.

Far too many programs focus on doing endless sets of isolation exercises rather than getting stronger on the big lifts.

This is often because the “gurus” writing the programs don’t understand how to train correctly.

They might look great, but not because of their amazing training routines. They got big and strong despite training like fools.

You won’t be as lucky.

You probably have average genetics and train without the help of steroids.

For those two reasons, you can’t afford to train like an idiot. You need to train effectively if you want to see any results.

You do want to make progress, right?

Yes, of course you do!

The Greek God Program teaches you how to train as a natural for optimal muscle gains.

greek god program review

Greek God Program doesn’t require you to spend countless hours in the gym every week.

Unfortunately, most fitness experts don’t understand normal people.

They live in their own bubble and genuinely believe that everybody has time to go to the gym for 2 hours every day.

Chances are, you can’t do that.

You’ve got a job or education that takes up most of your day.

Even if you somehow could spend 10+ hours per week training, you wouldn’t want to.

I enjoy training and seeing consistent progress, but let’s be honest…

You can enjoy your life while improving your body.

kinobody program reviews

Click on the image to take the Kinobody physique survey. You’ll learn which program is ideal for your goals.

There are more fun ways to spend your time than grinding it out at the gym 24/7.

Instead of lifting weights all the time, you could spend that time with your friends or family.

You could do fun activities outside. Go on adventures out in the nature.

Or you could invest some more time into your career or business.

The truth is, you can do all those things and still get great results in the gym.

You do not need to train 6 days per week for 2 hours each. This is a horrible myth that just isn’t going away.

I’m glad to see Greg over at Kinobody is doing his part to tell people the truth.

His programs are all based around minimalist training 2-4 times per week. This doesn’t mean you’ll get slower results…

You just need to be more efficient with your time spent in the gym.

Instead of doing 5 different isolation exercises, you’ll use big compounds that stimulate far more muscle growth.

The result?

kinobody greek god program

Greg knows how to build muscle. He can teach you the same.

You gain muscle just as quickly (sometimes even faster), but spend half as much time in the gym.

That sounds like an amazing deal to me.

The Greek God Program shows you how to train efficiently so you have time to do the things you love.

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You can eat foods that you enjoy and drink alcohol while on this program.

I fully believe in flexible dieting.

Not only does it work for fat loss and muscle gain; it’s also the most reliable dieting strategy long-term.

Unlike quick-fix extreme diets, you can stick to this plan for a long time.

Kinobody is all about improving your existing lifestyle.

You can continue eating the foods you love. You just need to make some small adjustments so that dieting becomes easier.

Also, Greg is a young guy so he understands you better than most fitness “experts”.

Despite what you may have been told, there’s nothing wrong with drinking alcohol from time to time. And I’m not talking about just 1 beer every month, you can go out drinking with your buddies every Friday if you want.

Greg O'Gallagher review

Of course, you’ll have to make some sacrifices on your transformation journey. I don’t want you to believe you can stay exactly the same and expect your body to transform.

But if you truly enjoy drinking alcohol (or eating chocolate, ice cream, pizza), you can do that and still make excellent progress in the gym.

You’ll learn how to minimize fat gain from alcohol in this course. Greek God Program isn’t a fat loss plan so the nutrition part is incredibly easy to stick to.

If you’re looking for a fat loss program, check out AFL (aggressive) or WSP (slower results but easier to maintain).

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The Greek God Program focuses on building strength and muscle.

Far too many programs only work for one goal or the other.

The truth is, strength gains and adding muscle are related to each other. Your body doesn’t just decide to pack on 20 pounds of muscle for no reason.

Your muscles will only grow if you force them to. How do you do that?

Simple. You just need to expose your body to heavier weights than it’s used to.

Now, don’t worry. You won’t start off by lifting huge weights on day 1. It takes a long time to get to an advanced strength level.

It’s important that you make some strength gains though. Without them, you won’t get much bigger and you’ll end up looking just the same after a year of training.

You don’t want that, do you?

Greg understands the connection between strength training and having an amazing body.

That’s why the Greek God Program emphasizes compound exercises and progressive overload. Those two aspects are what makes this program so effective for gaining muscle.

It’s not only effective, but also very efficient. By using compound exercises and heavy weights (compared to your strength levels), you can spend a tiny amount of time in the gym while still making great progress.

greek god program

Closing Thoughts on my Kinobody Greek God Program Review

I can’t recommend the Greek God Program enough.

Sure, you could find most of the information online for free as well. It just wouldn’t make as much sense to you because you need to learn the basics first.

The advantage of a course like this is that all the information is in one place. You won’t need to spend any time researching online and in books.

Everything you need to know is in this course. There’s nothing wrong with doing your own research, but it costs time and in my experience, often leads newbies more confused.

The internet has too much information. If you’re new to training, you do not need to know anything about advanced concepts.

Just focus on the basics until you build a decent foundation.

Once you do that, feel free to move on to a more advanced routine. Oftentimes, you’ll start doing your own thing instead of following strict programs after a few years.

But first you need to get some experience under your belt. You need to gain strength and add 10-20 pounds of muscle to your body.

What’s the best way to do that?

In my opinion, the Greek God Program is ideal for beginners or guys who haven’t made much progress yet.

Give it a try and see what you think. You don’t have much to lose because if you don’t like the course, you can get a refund within the first 30 days.

So if you’re ready to take your training more seriously, click on the button below.

Start the program!


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