November 18, 2016

Body of a Spartan Review: Build Muscle The Easy Way

body of a spartan review

This Body of a Spartan review will tell you exactly what’s needed to achieve the body of your dreams; only working out a couple of days a week.

After taking a few years off from any serious type of exercise, I decided to build my body in a way that I’ve never done before. Although, many people use trainers to get in shape for competitions, no one ever mentions what happens to the average guys who simply want a buff body.

Getting Started Working Out I wasn’t really that dedicated before, my mesomorph body type kind of held its own, until I got older. Then the love handles started waving at people, before I did. That’s when I started to dig around and actually wanted to begin working out seriously, instead of only sporadically with free weights.

Slowly, day by day, with not much was happening, I made up my mind to get started with a serious workout. But, it wasn’t until I picked up, “Body of a Spartan,” that everything changed.

When I opened the book first off, just looking at Victor Pride’s body transformation, motivated me. I wanted to look bigger with firmer muscles, but I didn’t want to deal with the usual, “dudes” in the gym mindset.

Body of a Spartan, isn’t your typical let’s get started with strength training and conditioning book. Victor tells it like it is and he demonstrates every technique in illustrated photographs.

The best part is the Body of a Spartan PDF is available instantly online. No waiting for the hard copy in the mail or dishing out big bucks at a book store to cover the overhead expenses of publishing. Everything that you need is right there and you’re ready to get started training.

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Building A Serious Body

If you aren’t looking to build a “Mr. Universe” type physique, and you already have a pretty decent shape, not fat free and shredded, but with some muscularity, then Victor’s has your number. He’s not just some guy feeding you a bunch of bull.

He uses the program and blogs about it online. When you see him for the first time, you can already sense that he’s a play it straight kind of guy. The book covers the basics in a very easy-to-understand manner.

muscle buildingBuilding a serious body has never been so achievable. Victor Pride doesn’t go into any great details about the added necessity of diet and cardio.

But, he provides enough information to help both intermediate bodybuilders and beginners. Body of a Spartan does offer information about diet and what types of foods to eat and the ones to avoid. So, taken together, it is possible to achieve overall fat loss and muscle gains.

For any program to work for you, you have to first define your goals.

Because, although Victor Pride is upfront and most of the program revolves around dumbbells, barbells and calisthenics; it does require some commitment.

Some guys go to the gym regularly, but they never achieve the results they want because their approaches need fine tuning.

Let’s face it, becoming “jacked” is every guy’s dream. But, very few actually achieve it. And that’s including the ones you see always beating a mean beeline to the gym machines.

Avoiding Injury For Fundamental Strength and Muscle Building

The guys who want the biggest muscles are usually the ones willing to do anything for them.

Even if it includes hitting the steroids hard. There are side effects and serious repercussions to steroid use and not to mention they increase the possibility of injuries.

When you’re juiced up, there’s a tendency to do far more reps and sets than necessary. After all, you have this extra strength, so super sets become routine.

The guys who are sideline more often are those who side with illegal drugs to get big, make that really big, really fast. Victor Pride offers results, without the risks. Of course, avoiding injury is a necessary part of working out. In order to build muscle and fundamental strength, you need to stay in the gym, hitting the weights and not on the couch, nursing a pulled hamstring or a torn rotator cuff.

Download the Body of a Spartan PDF and you’ll soon be on your way to an injury free, warrior’s body. Victor emphasizes the practicality of clean moves. You shock and challenge your muscles into their growth potential by performing variations of basic moves.

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spartan warrior workout

Your Lineage Is Descendants of Warriors

The main principle behind Body of a Spartan is reclaiming your heritage as a lean, muscular warrior. That’s what Spartans were back in Ancient Greece, the fit, elite fighting men who trained for combat by engaging in simple fitness exercises. Back then, they molded and shaped their bodies to perfection with things like boxing and grappling.

Today, you can achieve the strong body you’ve always wanted with practical guidelines. You don’t need “bodybuilding” genes to train like a warrior. All you need is the desire. Stick with the simple weight lighting routines and follow the diet and cardio guidelines and you’ll see results.

Victor Pride outlines everything that you need to do everyday. It doesn’t require expensive equipment, it’s possible to workout in your garage, using only simple gym barbells and dumbbell for 20-30 minutes, 3-5 times per week. You choose the workout schedule and work at your own pace.

The Body of a Spartan workout emphasizes basic moves such as dead lifts, shoulder presses and squats. Victor’s routine is simple, straightforward mechanics, train like a warrior, eat like a warrior, and look like a warrior.

That’s the mechanisms of using the Body of a Spartan techniques to enhance the structural integrity of your muscles for more definition and strength.

body of a spartan

Body of a Spartan: Simple Strategies

The Body of a Spartan makes working out as simple and straightforward as possible. There’s seriously very little you can do to screw up the program.

The only way to not achieve the desired results is by not doing the program at all. Because if you put in the work, you will reap the rewards. And the reward in this case is having bigger, firmer muscles in less time, without complicated dieting or performance enhancing drugs.

Body of a Spartan provides everything that you need to get started.

Of course, the workout program is so simple, you can do it at home or at any gym. You can add up to 20 pounds of lean muscle, while reducing body fat, following Victor Pride’s instructional program.

You want the program to work for you, then you have to put the work in. If you do, you’ll see results. The best part is that there aren’t any rigorous macro-nutrient balancing acts to achieve lean gains.

Simply pick the exercises that Victor demonstrates to improve the targeted body area. The exercises are basic however, they’re designed to be performed with correct form to show muscle integrity.

Easy Weight Training For Hard Gains

Another great thing about BOAS is that it’s simple weight training that yields big results. Following Victor Pride’s step-by-step instructions, it’s possible to make amazing gains. The book gives detailed explanation for natural bodybuilding techniques. There’s no strict dieting or daily fasted cardio, everything’s simple and designed to deliver maximal results in minimal time.

The addition of calisthenics helps to shock muscles into growth by stimulating under-worked structural fibers. Victor Pride demonstrates the best weight training exercises for natural bodybuilders. He follows the program himself, so it’s not a blind recommendation.

Buy Body of a Spartan and get ready to see results in a few, short weeks. Victor provides additional tips for overcoming cravings to stay on-track to “max” out reps, without supersets. He discusses the mistaken beliefs associated with natural training, such as, “you need to eat brown rice and chicken breasts, every three hours for gains.”

muscle building guideline

He makes training easy by giving realistic tips, along with practical, illustrated demos. All instructions are written in easy to follow details with Victor demonstrating how to perform the actual exercises. You just need to pick out the exercise for the body area that you want to work for maximum muscle potential.

Simply put, Victor Pride’s Body of a Spartan PDF demonstrates simple training techniques that allow you to gain muscle mass and lose fat, while targeting specific groups for each workout.

The photo illustrations reveal how to properly execute the practical weightlifting movements. BOAS is based on the execution of basic compound moves, for natural bodybuilding.

Unlike, other techniques for mass muscle gains, there isn’t any hard and fast instructions, like how many times per week to workout or the number of sets needed to achieve results. You workout at your pace, based on the individual results that you wish to achieve.

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